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"Rebound" is a gripping mini docuseries that follows the challenging path of female football players overcoming injuries, while uncovering the compelling reasons behind the high injury rates in womens’ soccer.


Each episode features the lives of three exceptional female soccer players in a different stage in their career (Janelly Farías, Katie Johnson, and Natalie Higgins) along with their dedicated physical therapist, Drew Morcos. The series intimately explores their journey to recovery, especially the challenging ACL setbacks, highlighting their determination and strength.


Through heartfelt interviews and historical footage, "Rebound" captures the essence of sacrifice, determination, and resilience in pursuing their dreams. It sheds light on the additional challenges faced by female athletes, making their accomplishments even more inspiring.


Join us on this incredible journey of transformation, where these phenomenal women bring hope for a future where resilience and determination redefine the game, inspiring generations of female athletes to fearlessly chase their dreams.


"Rebound" also aims to spark change and rally support for women athletes everywhere.


The sports studio is a full-service end-end content development and production studio specializing in sports content   The studio was built to create authentic creative content around athletes in the sports world.  We tell these stories against various content opportunities that can bring together sports & athletes with brands and distribution platforms. 

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