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strong mind. strong body. powerful you. 



Looking to improve your muscle tone and flexibility?  Pilates. How about core strength and posture? Pilates. Whether you are an athlete, recovering from an injury or surgery, or just looking to kickstart your overall health and fitness, let AIM Pilates Studio help you with your specific goals.  We can accommodate all skill levels and needs. 

Our State of the Art Studio in Seal Beach houses almost every piece of pilates equipment imaginable to tailor your workouts. Our instruction offers an extensive background in helping all students with strengthening, flexibility, and core stabilization.  We offer a variety of classes with days and times to choose from, or you can schedule individual sessions.  


for athletes. for moms. for dads. for EVERYONE. 


Purchase and Book Pilates at AIM 

Pilates Monthly Membership - $75 Per Month
Other Pricing Options

Want the best bang for your buck?  Our month to month membership option allows the flexibility you need in your every day life.  Traveling for a month? Feel free to put your membership on hold at no charge! 

Our monthly membership offers unlimited mat and reformer classes (1 per day) for the month with 22 (and counting) classes per week to choose from!


At $75 per month, that is a value of less than $3 per class!  

Reformer Class Drop In Session


Mat Class Drop In Session


Reformer 5 Session Package


Reformer 10 Package Session


Private Single Session


Private 5 Session Package


Private 10 Session Package


Duet Single Session


Duet 5 Session Package


Duet 10 Session Package


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AIM Pilates Class Descriptions

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Follow a balanced flow where exercises help improve overall flexibility and strength. Good for those seeking help with common joint injuries, low back pain, and tight overworked muscles.   Small Pilates equipment may be implemented.  All skill levels are welcome.  You may bring your own mat, or we can provide one to you at no charge.

Pilates Mat Classes
            50 Minutes

Each session provides overall body conditioning and is designed to accommodate all levels.  Emphasis is placed on lengthening and toning the muscles while working the core and improving flexibility.You will leave feeling well balanced and challenged. 

 Reformer Classes
   (Max 4 Participants)
          50 Minutes

Private sessions offer a valuable one on one experience that helps achieve your specific goals.  We will tailor each session to your goals and needs.  Each client is offered an evaluation and will have access to all the various pieces of Pilates equipment such as: the Cadillac, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Reformer.

   Privates and Duets
         50 Minutes



In 10 sessions, you’ll feel the difference,

In 20 sessions, you’ll see the difference and

In 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body.


-Joseph Pilates

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