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Performance Training at AIM Sportsplex includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluations based on a functional movement screening that assesses each individual athlete’s needs

  • ‪Pre and post assessments that include consultations with Athlete, Coaches, Parents or guardians

  • Customized workouts based on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Exercises specific to the athlete’s sport

  • Home exercise programs

  • Injury risk assessment and performance readiness

  • Knowledgeable and experienced board certified staff


Goal - Achieving performance productivity

  • Developing a strong, flexible body that’s properly balanced while minimizing the risk of injury. Building a body that is Load Ready. We focus on improving the body so that it can perform to Maximum Potential.


How we do it - In as little as 4-6 weeks see improvements in athletic potential.


CORE: focus on stability and control to build a strong foundation.


MOTION: improve flexibility and joint motion while avoiding strain on joints in developing athlete bodies.


STRENGTH: Customized resistance training using state of the art exercise equipment. See results in these areas as well as POWER, SPEED, and AGILITY.


Who we work with:

  • All athletes at all skill levels

  • Coaches - We complement the athlete’s practices by providing them with athletic bodies that are able to perform the movements and demands required by the respective sport. Therefore, providing the ability to improve Speed, Power, Agility and Endurance.

  • Parents - We educate and offer peace of mind on their athlete’s health and performance

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