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Taking AIM : Pickleball Updates!

Our Mission:

To be the premier Indoor Pickleball facility in Southern California by providing an inviting experience for all players of all levels.

The Spirit of Pickleball

Pickleball was created as a way to literally be inclusive for all. The best thing about Pickleball is that exclusivity doesn't exist. It's the only sport where physical skill is no match and bears no fruit to someone who knows that what lies beneath is truly a game of chess.

For me, it is the ultimate game for someone who likes to compete but more importantly for those who like to be social. We aren't here playing for ranking, medals, money, or our next lucrative contract, especially during open play.

If you are here to worry only about winning, it's possible that pickleball may not be the sport for you. Sometimes the paddles may not line up with the person you were hoping to play with. That doesn't give you the right to skip over them, tell them you don't want to play with them, or tell them to go to another court. At some point, that will come back around and YOU will be the person that someone doesn't want to play with or that gets told to go to the other court. At the end of the day, it is one game. Meet someone new, learn, work on your game. If you lose, go put your paddle back in line. Again, it is only one game.

Code of Conduct

1. Golden Rule - Self explanatory

2. Respect the Game and Respect Each Other - Pickleball has given us so much. The least we can do is show respect.

3. Be Fair and Honest - No one likes to lose. No one likes a dishonest winner. Win with integrity

4. Be Inclusive - Everyone deserves a chance to learn this game. Take the time to play with someone new.

5. Do not Criticize - Hey You. Yes you. The one who hits into the net every other point. Did you really just criticize your playing partner for doing the same?

6. Do not Gossip - EVERYONE is guilty of this at some point. But let's be honest, we are far from high school anymore. Save it for your Bunco Group.

7. Check Your Ego/Attitude at the Door - Everyone has problems. Let's make this a place where we can leave them at the door and get away for a few hours. For some, this is the only chance during the week.

8. PAY IT FORWARD - Think about who first introduced you to pickleball? You owe that person the gratitude of extending that knowledge to every person who stands in the very shoes that you were in when you first started.

9. Be Happy! - If you can't be happy and have fun playing this game, we need to talk.

Pickleball Updates

Visit our Pickleball page to Check out everything Pickleball at AIM including signing up for membership, lessons, leagues, etc.

1. Open Play Hours

We have officially extended our open play hours to Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 2:00pm.

Our Drop In Rate has increased to $5. We will allow a grace period through June if you happen to "forget."

2. Membership Options

We will have two options: Monthly and Yearly. Monthly gives some flexibility for those who travel, etc. The price is $30 per month. Yearly locks you in for 12 months for $240 ($20 per month). These cover unlimited open play at AIM.

Both membership options will give you discounts for pro shop items(coming soon), leagues, tournaments, clinics, and tournaments. We will also include special open play social events that will be complimentary with a membership.

3. Lessons, Classes and Clinics

We will start offering some great instruction that will include everything from beginner classes to junior academy to tournament prep. Please visit the AIM Pickleball site for more information.

4. Tournaments

Our next upcoming tournament will be July 21st. Stay tuned on registration and schedule info.

5. Leagues

We are excited to start weeknight leagues soon! These will include fixed partner box and ladder as well as club team league matches(ie. Seal Beach vs. Huntington Beach)

6. Junior Academy

We want to help create the next generation of pickleball players. Our Junior Academy will focus on giving athletes an opportunity to play a sport that encourage camaraderie, social development, and having fun!

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