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February Battle Rope Challenge

SBVBC Team battle rope challenge details – February 2017

Each Seal Beach Volleyball Club Team was involved. We took the top 3 players from each team every session and designed a leader board. Age groups 13-14 had a 30 sec time limit. 15-18 had 1 minute. Within the time frame, each girl would jump and raise their arms/shoulders simultaneously, while holding the ropes, in a fast explosive manner. Criteria involved picking both feet off the ground and keeping arms to shoulder level with each arm swing. If both were not done, the jump did not count.

Within the 30 sec or 1-minute frame, we would count the amount of times they would jump. The top three of each team would be posted on our leader board for their next workout. Each night we would build on the previous workout’s number. Some nights the top three would change. At the end of the month, whomever had the most jumps (top 3 on the final night) won for the month. Those three received a ticket to be entered in our end of the season raffle.

We have a jar in the training room that holds the raffle tickets. One winner will be selected at the end of the SBVBC season and will be awarded a prize. So long as a girl completes a challenge they can enter the raffle.

There is no limit on tickets. The more challenges you complete, the more chances you have of winning.

Battle Rope Challenge Results – Top 3 from each team


1 Sofia Campbell

2 Carli Farney

3 Gabrielle Reinking


1 Elyse Varipara

2 Leia Minter

3 Addie Johnson


1 Olivia Panzica

2 Lauryn Sweeney

3 Megan Kinney


1 Cassidy Vu

2 Alex Alemeida

3 Cambria Grant / Kyra Johnson


1 Reagan Merk

2 Phoebe Minch

3 Riley Beyma


1 Katherine Davidson

2 Julia Campbell

3 Pearlnaiah Tuliau


1 Kaitlyn Hull

2 Beth Romeyn

3 Kiera Selbo


1 Alexis Schramm

2 Cecilia Medina

3 Angela Plesa


1 Dylan Garcia

2 Keely Frank

3 Bria Augustine


1 Roxii Robinson

2 Rachel Street

3 Kaitlyn Noel


1 Destiny Davis

2 Hope Castro

3 Victoria Golonka


1 Allie Wilhelm

2 Alexa Gallegos

3 Abby Friedman

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